Microwave link deployment

Microwave link deployment

RichtfunkWith the constantly rising demand for higher transmission capacities, such as those produced by the new generation of LTE, mobile telecom customers require a high-bandwidth connection to mobile communications sites.

In locations where fibre-optic is not an option for economic or technical reasons, the necessary capacities can be provided through the use of modern, IP-based point-to-point radio technology (microwave).

The team of ms-CNS deployed more than 1,800 microwave links for an Austrian mobile carrier in 2011 and 2012.

Services performed

  • Feasibility study for the microwave deployment
  • Site acquisition, public permitting procedure coordination and approval procedures
  • Planning of system hardware and infrastructure installation
  • Deployment of special antenna masts for the microwave equipment and antennas
  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment
  • Integration into the existing transmission network
  • Documentation of the microwave equipment facilities