ms-CNS – smart solutions for telecom network operators

The telecommunications industry has been subject to constant changes and challenges for over two decades. The development of the Internet and (broadband) mobile communication capabilities have given rise to new “over the top” players such as Google, Youtube, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Skype.

New business models applied by these “over the top” players have led to major shifts in the entire value chain. The resulting competition and cost pressure on the telecom network operators demand continuous optimisation and adaptation of their business processes as well as the development of new, innovative solutions for their customers.

The customers of the telecom network operators are also raising their expectations. In urban areas or rural regions, mobile and fixed networks, at work or at home – the communication networks of the future should not only be expanded for better coverage, they must also be continuously modernised and optimised in order to meet the changing demand for telecommunication services.

In this exciting environment, the employees of ms-CNS have been successfully assisting telecom network operators with innovative technical solutions and services for over 7 years.